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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gireesh Babu Kushwaha

From :: Gireesh Babu Kushwaha

Om Sai Ram,

Dear Sai Bhakto, When I was praying to Lord Shirdi Sai Baba on 25 Jul 10 at 1030 hrs. During the pooja Lord Shrdi Sai Baba was appeared in my chest with showing great large bright-red light. When I saw pictures of pooja just after some time then I came to know about this event. I have totally faith to Baba so I belived that it was true and faithable chamatkar of Sai Baba.

Many peoples came to see that photograph of Sai Chamatkar. I am enclosing that photograph through this e-mail to have darshan of Baba in different way for all Sai Baba Bhakt jan.

I established Sai Baba's Prathima 2 years back and since then I continoue with Baba.

Your Sai Baba Bhakt
Om Sai Ram - Jai Sai Ram

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ashok Kumar

From :: Ashok Kumar

Om Shri Sainathai Namha.



I take this opportunity to inform you that our family is a staunch devotee of Shri Shirdi Saibabaji. In our newly built house, a big miracle of Shirdi Saibaba’s appearance on the lobby floor has happened. The photograh of Baba exists for the last about one year. Three snaps of the same photographs of the of Shirdi Saibaba’s appearance are attached herewith. I wish to share this with everybody that if you pray from the core of your heart, He is always with you and also seek an advice from devotees of God that since Baba’s picture has appeared on the floor in the lobby, what should I do to protect it so that there is no disrespect to the Almighty. Should there be a Baba's temple be build on this land. But then I have no further source to build/purchase a house. Kindly advise what to do.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
( Ashok Kumar )

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ninad Shirgaonkar

From :: Ninad Shirgaonkar

Like all Sai Devotees, I am also a big devotee of Sai Baba.
Few yrs back when I was in college. There was a pic of Sai Baba on the first page of my notes.
My exam was going on and I was very tense and was not able to find the solution for few problems...
My niece who was 1.5 yrs old, was playing with my cell beside my notes.

I was praying to baba to help me with my studies... and you know what?

My niece actually managed to open the camera of my cell and captured Sai Baba's pic...

This was unbelievable as she was 1.5 yrs old and had no idea about cell or baba's pic.

That day I realised that agar sacchhe mann se sai baba ko yaad karo to baba darshan jaroor dete hey.

Om Sai Ram.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reema Bhambhani

From :: Reema Bhambhani

Om Sai Ram,

I am Reema Bhambhani from Udaipur(Rajasthan)...I strongly believe in Sai Baba..He always listen & fulfills all my wishes I do by heart..I would like to share my true expierence with Sai Baba...This happened during my wedding days...My marriage date was fixed on 1st March'09..I always wished that I will do Sai Bhajans at my home one day before my marriage as I wanted to invite Sai Baba in my marriage for his blessings..In our city there is Sai Samiti which is a group of people doing bhajans at homes on request but for that whoever wants to keep sai bhajans at home has to inform & announce at Sai Samiti place so that all people get informed & come to attend the Bhajans.

We requested Sai Samiti people & they asked somebody from family to come at Sai Samiti place on 29th April'09 at evening to attend the bhajan at 7.30 sharp and announce for Sai Bhajans at our home..But we all were busy in marriage preparations so we asked my brother to go there and do this..Unfortunately he was not able to reach there at the given time & the bhajans already finished & the Samiti people did not announce for our request because my brother was not there..

I felt very bad & got hurt..I started crying & crying..Then we tried to contact Samiti people again & requested them a lot..But they refused..Now there was only one day left in marriage & I started praying baba that "Please come to my home..I want you to please come my home & give me blessings for my married life" I cried & requested to Samiti people on phone again..Anyhow they got convinced & agreed to do bhajans at my home on 30th April'09..

I was so happy as now Baba was coming to my home The day has come & we started preparing for that...Two people from Samiti came early & did all the preparations..They also arraged seat for Sai Baba so that when he comes he can sit there...They put big Sai Baba's picture, flowers, Udi, & Deepak..In evening all the Samiti people came for Bhajans..Before starting bhajans they ensured us that sometime Sai Baba really comes dring the bhajans and at that time flowers fall from the Sai Baba's photo.. Now they started Sai Bhajans..pure bhajans with all peace & concentration..We all were anxiously waiting for Sai Baba to come and take his seat..And you know the miracle happened & BABA came because the flowers started falling from the photos not only once..it was twice & thrice..Now we knew that Baba has come & he was sitting with us although we can't see him but we can feel his presence..The Samiti people were also shocked because the flowers fell thrice..They were also happy & blessed me for my happy married life...

At last finally my wish came true..Baba came to my home and gave me blessings for my married life by giving me those flowers...Today with his blessings I am very very happy with my husband Ajeet Bhambhani & his family which is now my family..

Not only this I had many true experiences with Sai Baba..I always feel he is with me in my heart..I am remebering him whole day(24hrs)...He listens to me & give me all I want everytime...I love you Sai Baba..Please be with me each & every second..I thank you for all you have given me-Happiness,Achievements,Love,Perfect Husband,Good Family,My Parents,Brothers and YOU

Best Regards,
Reema Bhambhani

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vijay Bhaskar

From :: Vijay Bhaskar

I went to shirdi in 2001 first time. I have visited samadhi mandir, Chavadi, Gurusthan & Dwarakamayi. After visiting Dwarakamyi, I came out. Suddenly One Big Sugar Crystal came into my hand. I was wondered & shocked for the incident. Immediately I realised that Baba gave it to me as prasadam. I felt very joy& my eyes teared for the incident. After this incident, I belived 100% in Baba. It is the turning point of my life. This is a gift given by Baba to me.
From that time, I have dedicated my soul to Baba. Now Baba is taking care of each & every movement of my life. When Baba is there & when we are following His principles, why should we get fear. No fear for anything. Baba is there to take care. But remember, read satcharitra,follow Baba principles & Live happily.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dharna pandya

From :: Dharna pandya

mera beta 10th class mien tha is saal.wo avearge student tha.uske 60% bhi atte to mien bhagwan ka chamatkar manti.meri mummy ne mujhe sai baba ka guruwar karne ko kaha.mene kiye.guruwar darshan kiye sai baba k.aur yahi prathna karti rahi ki iska result jo hoga wo aapka ashirwad aur chamtakar hoga.mere bete k 77% aye.ye sai baba ka aashirwad hai aur mien unhi ka chamatkar manti hu kyunki uske KG se 9th tak kabhi 60%bhi nahi aye hai...mein sabhi se kahti hu sai baba ki bhakti karo aur mannn se mango prabhu ka ashirwad na mile asa ho hi nahi sakta

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rajesh Kumar

From :: Rajesh Kumar


I was having trouble with ICICI Bank Credit Card . Some one has fraudently used at usa.
I visited twice to shridi for darshan.
The issue was resolved in my favor.


Rajesh Kumar

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shalini Bhagat

From Shalini Bhagat ::

jai sai baba sainathmaharaj ki jai
mere baba bahut hi dayalu kripalu hai.jo bhi unko pukarta hai vo uske hamesha sunte hai uki har mushkil dur karte hai.I am a sai bhagat and I am proud to be called as one of babajis bhagat.There are times when I was disturbed and baba always helped me, in some or other way baba always gives me his message that he is always there for me.Today I was very upset and was listening sai bhajan on youtube and was about to close my computer when I just happened to click another key and what I could read was' I am always beside you whenever u need me, do not fear 'follwed by another bhajan.Somehow I got indication from my sai that, for what reason I am upset will be solved and its evening now i got call from my husband that our problems are solved .I asked sai baba to bless us and help us as this to be his ashirwad on our annivarsary.He is truly with us and I am proud TO BE SAI BHAGAT.