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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kanthi Mani

From :: Kanthi Mani

dear sir
i am sai kanthimathi right now living with my daughters house in USA
my son in law gave resignation in his job and searching for job i prayed saima to take care of him
immediately he got a goos position without interiew and i prayed saima to make success of my grand daughters birthday function
it went of well saima is showing his precence then and there without saimanothing is possible
my koti pranamsto you saima pl protect us ever

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rita Sinha

From :: Rita Sinha

It was cold chilled night of 8th january 2011.I Telephoned my son for dinner.He told me he did nt get breakfast,Lunch and dinner because mess was closed It will reopen day after tommorrow. He had problem in his knee and was taking high dose medicine. but nt able to go outside and take some thing to eat.I was in lucknow very far from him. I had no alternative .suddenly I thought only Sai Baba can do This. I ran and prey in front of baba;s photo and said give my son acha khana abhi and wept.. Icontroled myself and told my son if you have telephone no of any restorant please ring .he told yes itis in front of me on menu card .He orderd the food and within half an hour he was enjoying the food.He ate the left food next day also. I wept again seeing this Chmatkar and love for si baba for his devotee.