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Thursday, December 9, 2010


From :: Vijayeswari


Dear Sai devotees,

How I was introduced to Shiridi Baba itself itself is a miracle in my life. really you don't believe that I started trusting BABA only in 1998.

Please don't feel bad when I say that I am a devotee of God. This is what we are: our (mine and my husband's) career life always(even now) is filled with more than 12 hours hard work(including time in work place and preparations for the efficient output at home). We staunchly believe that whosoever be the GOD, He will bless us, as we mind the ordeal given by GOD with Shrada and saburi.. We pray just for a few minutes.

In 1998, I accidentally visited Shiridi when I came to attend a meeting at LONI. I stayed at Shiridi to attend meeting and on the last day I visited shiridi BABA - that itself I felt as a real call and blessing by the TRUE GOD - BABA. since then I pray BABA just for few minutes. My current appointment ( from October 2010) in Saudi itself is accidental one given by the blessings of BABA as he wanted to relieve me from the problems I faced there. It is because of BABA I applied for the post in Saudi and got it within six months as placed my problems at the LOTUS FEET OF BABA. I read in one book on BABA that Baba sent one of his devottees to Saudi. So Sai considered me as his devotee even tough I spend few minutes.

I have lot of problems in my personal and career life that deviates me from concentrated prayer as I believe when praying we should not think of such worldly afflictions and disturbances. What I really now demand in my prayer to BABA is full surrender to him at the time of prayer(no thinking of worries) and i think he will end my problems (Health and career problems) and maka me a complete devotee of him.

Jai jai Sai Bagwan

Sai devotee