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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jayatilleke Dias

From :: Jayatilleke Dias

16/12.2010 – Batticaloa Road, Kallar, Srilanka.

Miracle of Sai
Vibuthi (Sort of scented white colour powder use Hindus and Buddhists to apply on forehead) have been materializing from out side surface of photos of SRI SATHYA SAI, God Sri Ganapathi and Goddess Sri Saraswathi kept in a shrine room of Mr.Pushparajah’s house, Batticaloa Road, Kallar, Srilanka. According to him at first this miracle event has been started from the photo of sri sathya sai early morning, on fourth of November 2010 DEEPAWALI day. Three days later step by step started to materialize more and more further to other photos too. Today is 20th of December but it’s continuously materializing in same manner and the lower surface of Sri sai swami’s photo and the ground floor filled with vibuthi. Now every night the residents are experiencing to hear a sound of ringing bell and some foot steps as some one walking in the room. This is the truth of Dhamma of Sri Sai Swami. I went thrice to watch this miracle. According to me by this miracle swami has sent us a message to remind us that “Ahead is dangerous, Give up all evils and be good and follow correct path” Om sai ram! Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and many other religionists are while worship to each of their religions they used to worship to Sai too. Live God of sai, Wish you healthy long life! Om sai ram!
Only 15 minutes drive from Kalmuna town. If you are coming From Kalmuna town towards to Batticaloa You will have to pass Maradamunai town, while passing Maradamunai in a curve you will find a road block and some security personnel also can find there. From here after passing about 200meters in right hand side you can find a shop named Gnam printers and fixed an advertisement board named as DIALOG on the roof. From here few meters ahead there is a beauty saloon (Named as sharolina) on same side (right side). And from here, turn to right and along to beach side and then you will have to pass four houses on left side of the road, the fifth house is the location.