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Friday, February 25, 2011


From :: T.K.Madhumoorti

I am sending herewith some more of my Sai Experiences for publishing for the benefit of sai devotees.

I can see that Sai is following his bhaktas wherever he goes

I got an assignment in Vizag and I decided to go. It is a totally new place for me and I had to find a house and arrange for all other things. Just see how Sai helps his devotees.

1. One colleague by name Satyanarayana offered to help me. It is always usual to be helped by someone in a new place for some time. This is the normal argument. But this is different. He has arranged for a house for me. He takes me to office and brings me back every day. He gets me lunch. He takes me to the market and shows me all the market place for getting myself acquainted.
2. This being on one side. The house which he showed is located at a place which is surrounded by temples. It is a small hill on top of which there is Lord Balaji temple and at the foot there is a beautiful temple. The house which he has shown is in the middle. There is a Shiva temple, Hanuman temple, Ram temple and what not.

Is this not enough proof that Sai is there before you wherever you go?

Jai Sai Ram. May Sai Bless my colleague Satyanarayana and his family. Nearby there is place called Annavaram and the famous lord of that place is called "Satyanarayana". I thought he himself has come to help me in that new place. So, the first thing I did was to go to that temple and worship him.

Jai Ho Sai Baba