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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Puspa Lakshmi

From :: Puspa Lakshmi

Om Shri Sairam.
Till my 11th std. we were lived in our own house. My dad have 3
brothers and 3 sisters. For my last aunty's marriage we don't have
money in our hand. We sold our house. Then we lived in lease house in
the agreement period of 1999-2002. After 9th month from our agreement
period our house owner received Rs. 4,00,000/- from bank in the name
of the property without our knowledge in which house we are living.
After our agreement period over he refused to give our lease amount Rs
1,50,000/-. And he too failed to pay the interest to bank also. Bank
persons came to our house to seal that house (try to take the house
under their control). So my dad immediately gave complaint in police
station and sue the case in court. But everybody fond of money and
support the illegal activities. Our each and every steps were in
failure. At last we believe our SHIRDI SAI BABA and pray him to solve
our problem. My mummy take fasting every thursday in the guidance of
my last aunty Ammu. The third party who is not related in this case
has bought this house and paid us Rs. 45,000/- and rest of the amount
they promised to give later. These all miracles conducted by OUR GREAT
GOD SHIRDI SAI BABA only. Thank you Baba. I love u so much my Sai


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